New Finishes For Børresen 0 Series

Børresen Acoustics is expanding its selection of finish variants in the 0 series. Børresen introduces a captivating new finish variant in the form of a sleek black high gloss. This alluring finish is available across all models in the revered 0 series lineup which means the 01, 02, 03 and 05. Drawing inspiration from elegance and sophistication, the black high gloss finish adds a touch of contemporary […]

Stein Music Topline Bob M Speakers

Stein Music writes: “Unleash the exceptional benefits of the Open Baffle design with the Topline Bob M by SteinMusic. Experience a wider sound dispersion and an immersive soundstage that brings your music to life. Enjoy improved bass response and reduced resonance for tighter, controlled low-end reproduction.”

New Esoteric G-05 Clock Generator

Esoteric new Master Clock Generator “G-05” will be released in Autumn 2023. The Master Sound Discrete Clock, a completely in-house developed OCXO* clock module, has been designed to enable the combined digital source equipment to take musical expression one step further. The G-05 Master Clock Generator is now available with this in-house developed module, which will bring out the full […]